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Created for students in Casey Schmitt's COM 111 class


Source: Catholic Lane

Welcome to the library guide for COM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking designed to connect you to communications-related resources available through the John Esch Library and beyond. 

(Guide creator: Joe Pirillo.  Currently maintained by Ann Penke.)

An informative speech


Portion of the assignment that relates to possible library sources: 

"2) Use at least one visual aid, following the instructions discussed in class. This visual aid may be an object, a model, a photo, a drawing, a graph, a physical demonstration, or a digital slide. It should illustrate a point in your speech. Please do not bring anything that is potentially dangerous into the classroom (this includes weapons or illegal substances. Equipment needs beyond an overhead projector must be approved by your instructor at least one week in advance of your speech.

3) In preparing your speech, you must make use of at least four sources. At least one of these sources must be scholarly; no more than one may be a website or blog. Dictionary or encyclopedia sources do not count toward this minimum. All of your sources should be cited in both the speech and in a bibliography of sources at the end of your speech outline. Use MLA-style citation.


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