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Student Workers: Inter-library loan

Interlibrary Loan: What is it?

Interlibrary Loan:
Interlibrary loan is a mechanism for different libraries to share materials. Sometimes members of the Lakeland community would like items that are not available through Monarch Catalog. You may make arrangements to borrow library materials, principally books, from other libraries in North America or obtain photocopies of journal articles for individual scholarly research. These requests can be made online by filling out an interlibrary loan form (Be sure to read the accompanying guidelines.).  Interlibrary loan services are provided to current Lakeland students, faculty and staff.

Interlibrary loan items waiting for pickup are kept on the front desk near the newspaper check in box. Be careful that you do not confuse interlibrary loan items with Monarch Catalog materials waiting for pickup. Monarch Catalog items will be checked out on the computer. If a library customer says that they are here for an interlibrary loan and you cannot find it, check the Monarch Catalog items awaiting pickup. If you are facing the librarians' offices, inter-library loan items are kept to the right side of the back counter, while Monarch Catalog items are kept to the left.  All will be in alphabetical order by last name.

Article Request

When an article request is submitted, it will look like the photo example below. The title, is the title of the specific article. The source, is the name of the Journal. The authors will be listed by their last name first. For example below, Vesterinen (last name), Ville (first name); Hokka (author #2's last name).


Searching for Articles

When an article request is made and before we ask other libraries to fill it, we need to make sure it is not already available to us.

  • Search Full Text Finder using the name of the publication the article appeared in.
  • If not listed in Full Text Finder, search using the title of the article and the author (s), as demonstrated in the form on the left, search Google Scholar. Often four words or so for the title will suffice to bring up the item. Place quotes around the title to search for the exact phrase.
  • Be sure year and authors match exactly.
  • When you are done searching for an item, mark at the top of the request form, Found or Not Found.
  • If you have found the article, send the URL link to Joe at
  • When you are done checking articles, place the forms on the corner of Joe's desk. Thanks. 


If you have any Inter-library loan questions, feel free to email Ann at

John Esch Library | Lakeland University | W3718 South Drive | Plymouth, WI 53073 | (920) 565-1038 ext. 2420