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Student Workers: Customer Service


By zitona qatar from doha, qatar [CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Be Welcoming

Thanks for choosing to work in the library. You are often the first person visitors see upon entering the library. The first impression you make is the impression the library makes. Here are some reminders to help you make a great first impression. 

1. Greet everyone coming into the library:

Look at them and say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ or another greeting. Don’t look down at the desk. Don’t mumble.

Smile. Be friendly.

Also say ‘goodbye’, if possible, when people leave.

2. Answer "where is it" questions cheerfully:

Students may answer questions like, “Where are the computers students may use?”  or  other  “where is it...”  questions. All other questions should be answered by a librarian, if one is working.    

NEVER answer a question by only saying, “I don’t know.”

Instead say,  “I don’t know, but I’ll find someone to help you.”

3. Be attentive to people waiting at the desk 

  • Please, no headphones while at the desk.
  • Please, no friends lingering around the front desk.
  • Please, no friends or off duty employees behind desk. 

4. Keep food and drink (other than water) in the back kitchen. 

  • There is no eating allowed at the front desk.

5. Answering the phone (use the following model):

  Good morning/afternoon/evening, Lakeland University John Esch Library.

   This is __(Your first name)__, how can I help you?

6. Common phone conversations: 

  • Ask, “Can you hold, please, while I check?”
  • Wait for an answer from the person after asking if they can hold.
  • If a person is waiting, check back with them to let them know someone is working on their question. If the wait is long, ask the caller if he prefers that you call back.
  • If the caller asks for a librarian that is not available, ask if someone else can help them or if you could take a message.
  • When taking a message, get  a telephone number, the caller’s name, and a message
  • Messages for Ann can be taped to her door frame, if she’s not in.
  • Leave messages for other staff on their desks, if they are not in.
  • Do not give out personal information about staff or students. 


John Esch Library | Lakeland University | W3718 South Drive | Plymouth, WI 53073 | (920) 565-1038 ext. 2420