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Student Workers: Your Schedule

Your schedule

At or before the beginning of each semester (including May Term) you must submit your suggested schedule to the Library Director, Ann Penke. It may be necessary for you to work hours other than your first choice.The Library Director will make decisions about student scheduling so that the best service can be provided to our students, staff and faculty. Normally, students who submit their schedules first will get greater choice in picking their hours. 


  • Be on time. Someone else is often scheduled to leave when you come in. Please, don’t keep them waiting. 


Absence = An employee is considered absent when he or she fails to report for and remain at work as scheduled. An employee who knows he or she is going to be absent or late has the responsibility to notify the department prior to the start time indicating the expected length of absence and giving a specific reason. (Per the HR student worker policy.)


  • If you know in advance that you must miss work, inform the Library Director, Ann Penke, at (920) 565-1038. ext. 2416 as soon as possible.
  • If you are sick and must miss work, Monday through Friday, call the library as soon as possible, at (920) 565-1038, ext. 2420 and speak to Ann or Teresa or email one of the librarians. On Saturday or Sunday call, Ann Penke, at home (number given to you when assigned to weekend hours) or one of the other librarians at home.
  • If you must miss work due to an emergency Monday through Friday, call the library, as soon as possible, at (920) 565-1038, ext 2420 and speak to Ann or Teresa or email one of the librarians. On Saturday or Sunday call Ann Penke at  home (number given to you when assigned to weekend hours) or one of the other librarians at home.

3 Unexcused Absences: 

  • Two unexcused absences are all that are allowed. Should a third unexcused absence occur, employment is automatically terminated.
  • You will no longer be allowed to work at the library. 

Snow days:

  • If you live off campus, you are not expected to come to work when classes have been canceled due to snow and/or ice. Excused hours you have missed and wish to make up must be approved and scheduled only by the library director, Ann Penke.
  • If you live on campus and would like to be designated as a “Snow Day Student” to work when the weather is snowy and off campus staff can’t get to work, please speak with the library director, Ann Penke.

Exam Week and Breaks:

  • The library is open regular hours during fall break. Speak with Ann Penke if you can’t work your scheduled hours over the fall and winter break.
  • You are not required to work during Exam Week or during the other breaks when there are no classes. If you are interested in working during these times, please talk to Ann Penke. 

Making up missed hours:

In the event that you would like to make up hours, the hours available will be determined by the needs of the library. Student employees are unable to make up hours by doubling up with another employee except under rare situations approved by the library director.


John Esch Library | Lakeland University | W3718 South Drive | Plymouth, WI 53073 | (920) 565-1038 ext. 2420