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Student Workers: Shift routine

Shift Routine

Work comes first.

Occasionally, there will be slow times in the library. You are allowed to do your homework if: 

  1. All library work is completed (not sure? Ask a librarian, or refer to the shift checklist posted on the bulletin board or in this guide below). 
  2. You immediately stop doing homework when assigned a new task by a librarian, or when a new customer approaches the front desk, or when the phone rings.

Shift checklist and reminders

  •  Morning shift:  Locate, pull, and process items on pull list.
  •  Morning shift: Sort and distribute incoming mail
  •  Morning shift: Check in and display newspapers
  •  Afternoon: Sort and process incoming items from other libraries (the bins). Make sure previous shift duties are done.
  •  Evening/Close: Log off and turn off monitor on front computer, Monarch Catalog compters in Reading Room, and computer lab computers.  Make sure previous shift duties are done. 
  •  Evening/Close: Push in chairs around tables.

The items below are for every shift (to be done before homework)

  • Ask librarians if they have any work for you to do.
  • Re-scan and shelve items on the return cart, check for white card. Be sure blue card is removed from the book.Then re-shelve the books. (If two students are working, one should stay at the front desk.)
  • Restock printer with paper. 
  • Push in chairs in computer lab and in Main Reading Room.
  • Shelf read (if other library work is done) for at least 30 minutes. Record your final number on the shelf reading chart   on the bulletin board.
    • If you are the only worker, ask a staff member if it is convenient for them to watch the desk.
    • Anytime two students are working at the same time, both should take a 30 minute turn (one at a time) shelf reading with librarian’s approval.
  • Straighten shelves.  Make sure books are straight and pulled to edge of shelf.
  • Dust. (computers, monitors, books.)

You may study at the Circulation Desk where you can be available to check books in and outhelp people, and answer the phone. You may not do personal work or correspondence on any of the library computers while you are at work here at the library (this includes serving as a tutor). Thank you.

Tutoring--No double dipping

If you also tutor students, tutoring cannot be done while on the library time clock. 

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