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Student Workers: Time Cards

Time cards

Time Cards

Start and stop times must be entered on your electronic time card for each day worked at the end of each week. The card must be finalized by noon on the Monday following the week reported.  Time cards cannot be submitted to the Payroll Department until they are finalized.  You will not be paid for the time you have worked if the timecard has not been finalized. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your time card is complete and finalized. Please speak to the Library Director, Ann, if you have questions about time cards.

Late Timecards

Unfortunately, if timecards are not finalized before the weekly deadline, it must be done manually on paper. This process requires extra time of a number of Lakeland college employees and the college has asked departments to be very mindful of this. Thus, if a student employee needs to be reminded for three consecutive weeks, or for multiple times a semester, a written action notice will be filed and forwarded to student employment. A helpful tool to avoid this and similar issues, is to set up a reminder on your calendar (for example, set the outlook calendar reminder for each Monday morning.).



Students are paid twice a month on the 15th and the end of the month through Direct Deposit.  The form is completed with the other paperwork when a student begins their employment at the University.  The Student Employment Office sends out a calendar of dates for payday.

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