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Student Workers: Library Jargon

Library Words you may not have heard before

Barcode Number:
The 14-digit number appearing beneath the barcode found inside the front or back cover of a book.

Blue card: card inserted in book pocket during checkout process.

Call Number:
A call number is a combination of letters and numbers that is given to each item held in the library. The letters and numbers assigned to the work describe its subject matter and serves as its address on the shelf. The John Esch Library uses the Dewey Decimal call number system. 

A catalog is a compilation of records describing the contents of a particular collection or group of collections. For example, the John Esch Library, along with a number of other nearby libraries uses MonarchCATALOG. Library users can find and request items in Monarch Catalog, our online catalog.

Circulation Desk:
The circulation desk where one is able to check out, return, or renew books. Staff can also help you locate items that you cannot find. One is able to pay overdue fines at this desk too. Here at the John Esch Library we often call this the, front desk.

A database is an organized collection of computer records. Here at the John Esch Library we have a number of electronic databases. 

Interlibrary Loan:
Interlibrary loan is a mechanism for different libraries to share materials. Sometimes members of the Lakeland community would like items that are not available through Monarch Catalog. You may make arrangements to borrow library materials, principally books, from other libraries in North America or obtain photocopies of journal articles for individual scholarly research. These requests can be made online by filling out an interlibrary loan form (Be sure to read the accompanying guidelines.). 

Although the terms periodical, journal, serial, and magazine have slightly different definitions, you will likely hear them used interchangeably. These are works that come out on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, annually) and contain articles written by various authors.

A journal contains peer reviewed articles written by scholars while a magazine contains more popular articles often written by journalists. The terms periodical and serial are more generic and refer to all types of these materials.

Pull List:

A list of our books that have been requested by other area libraries. These books need to be "pulled" or retrieved from our collection and sent to those area libraries. A librarian prints out a 'pull list' each day. That librarian normally gives the 'pull list' to a student worker who retrieves the books and sends them to the requesting libraries.

Reserve Shelf:

The reserve shelf is an area behind the front desk where professors place materials on reserve for student use. Students may check these items out for use within the library. Many of the items on the Reserve Shelf do not appear in our online catalog. The library maintains a separate online list of reserve items.

**These definitions were taken in large measure from Samford University's Library glossary.

White Card: card removed from book during checkout process and filed in the wooden box on the front desk counter.

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