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Research 101: 5. Finding Articles

What is a Library Database?

Video created by Yavapai College Library (2011).

Databases-Resources for General Searching

Off Campus Access: Password is required.  Log in to library databases using the same username and password used to access your Lakeland email account and Blackboard. 

For a full alphabetic listing of our databases, go here. Scroll down for complete list.  

Interlibrary Loan (request from other libraries)

Place your order.  If our library doesn't have what you need, use the library's Interlibrary Loan services. The item will be requested from other libraries. If available, articles usually arrive within 3-5 days.  Books take up to two weeks.  Submit a request.

Words to Know

Abstract: A brief summary of an article, book, or other information source, that contains all of the main points as in the original. As a student, you will see abstracts primarily when you are searching for articles in dartabases. They will help you determine whether you will want to read or download the entire article.

Database: An organized collection of data or information, normally electronic. A computer database, for example, has many records that are organized by title, author, date, and subject. The John Esch Library has access to a number of different databases.  

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): An item such as a book or article that is requested from outside of Lakeland or any nearby Eastern Shores library. ILL is available to all attending or working at Lakeland College. A request form can be filled out within an EBSCOhost or ProQuest database, or on our ILL request page (which is linked to from our library homepage.)

Peer Review: A process where a professional article or book is reviewed by a group of other experts (peers) in the field before it is published. Often a teacher will recommend that you locate peer reviewed journal articles to support your writing. 

Supplemental Material

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