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word collage of words associated with business research such as brands, mergers, Morningstar

Selecting an issue: 

Select an issue that makes you curious to learn more. A simple business problem can provide you with the opportunity to apply the principles learned in class. Consider:

  • topic from another business class that you would like to research further
  • issue raised in scholarly articles that you read for a previous class.  Check out the Discussion/Conclusion sections for ideas.  
  • challenge you are facing at work. Be sure to consider the availability of information before selecting. 

Let current business news spark an idea for your topic. 

Getting Started

Welcome.  This library research guide is designed to help students is BA 700 Business Methodology locate the information they need. Use the top tabs to access information on:

To recommend a resource for inclusion in this guide, please contact Jamie Kellner.

(Guide creator: Teresa Grimm.  Currently maintained by Jamie Kellner.)

NAICS and SIC Codes

Knowing the NAICS and SIC codes for the industry you are researching can simplify the research process. 

NAICS and SIC codes are numbers used to classify businesses engaging in similar work. NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) codes were first issued in 1997.  SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Codes preceded NAICS and are still used by some databases and government bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission. Be sure to read definitions accompanying each code to insure you have the appropriate code.  If you have trouble determining the appropriate code, use other resources like Nexis Uni to learn the codes for a business in the same line of work. Then double-check the definition for that code to verify that it is the appropriate code. 

Source: North American Industry Classification System. United States Census Bureau. 

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