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Interlibrary Loan: Frequently Asked Questions

This guide will help you to navigate Lakeland University's Interlibrary Loan services


  • Can I get anything from ILL?
    • There is no guarantee that a particular item will be available for borrowing from other libraries, but Lakeland's ILL service has a fill rate of better than 95%.  The librarian may also know in advance that they will be unable to get a particular item and work with you to find alternatives
    • Some items are very difficult to get, and while you can request them you should expect that they will be difficult to fill
      • Psychological Tests
      • Dissertations and Masters Theses
      • Journal articles which have been published online, but not yet in print
  • How long does ILL take?
    • Articles that can be delivered electronically typically only take a few days to arrive.  Books or other media (DVDs, CDs, etc.) may take longer if they have to be mailed from out of state, but usually no more than a week.  Books and media delivered from in-state may come faster thanks to our statewide delivery system
  • Who can use ILL?
    • The students, faculty, and staff of Lakeland University can use ILL.  There is no limit to how often items can be requested, though there may be a limit on the number of articles from an individual journal due to copyright restrictions
  • Is there a cost for using ILL?
    • Most libraries will lend items through ILL for free, and the ILL librarian will always ask the requesting patron's permission before making a request that would require payment.  In this rare case, the library will pay the lender's fee, and the patron may pay the library
    • There may be fees associated with returning a book late or damaged, or losing a book
  • Can I get books and other physical materials if I am an off-campus student?
    • Yes.  You are welcome to pick up your materials at the library during our operating hours (typically 7:30 AM-10 PM), or we can mail them to you.  If you provide the librarians with an address when you are notified that your materials have arrived, they will be sent with a return address included.  You will then be responsible for paying for return shipping and ensuring that the materials are returned in a timely fashion.  Some materials may be deemed too expensive to be used outside of library supervision
  • Can I get the textbooks for my classes from ILL?
    • Because of the nature of Interlibrary Loan, the library has a policy of not requesting textbooks for use by students.  Other class materials such as fiction works and non-textbook materials may be requested
  • Can I renew ILL books?
    • Generally speaking, yes, but this depends on the lending library.  Renewals must be requested by the ILL coordinator, so to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving one, ask early by contacting the ILL coordinator
  • Will I be informed if my requested item(s) is not available?
    • Yes.  If a request comes back unfilled the ILL librarian will typically try to submit the request once more.  If this will cause your item to come later than expected, or if it is unlikely to arrive, you will be contacted.  The ILL librarian is also a reference librarian and is more than happy to help find alternative sources
  • I have a different question.  Who can I ask?
    • You can email the ILL librarian at:
John Esch Library | Lakeland University | W3718 South Drive | Plymouth, WI 53073 | (920) 565-1038 ext. 2420