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MKT 375 Marketing Research: Introduction

Getting Started

This guide is designed to help students in MKT 375 Marketing Research locate information needed to complete Case Study and Design Project assignments.  Use the tabs across the top of the guide to move to sections on:


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(Guide creator: Teresa Grimm.  Currently maintained by Jamie Kellner.)

Primary Data v. Secondary Data

Primary data refers to original data collected specifically by you or someone you hire (in the case of a company) with a current objective in mind. Examples of data collection tools used to collect primary data  include: 

  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Experiments

Secondary data refers to data previously collected for and by others to meet their objectives, not yours. Examples of secondary data sources often used by business researchers include:

  • U.S. Census 
  • Market Research Reports
  • Journal Articles
  • Industry gathered statistics

Source: Transcript Market Research. (n.d.)

For a wealth of secondary marketing data, check Statista.

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